25 Awesome Australian Slang Terms

25 Awesome Australian Slang Terms

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Australian Slang

G’day and welcome to a La Trobe University podcast. I would be your host, Matt Smith. And today we’ll be having a yarn with that bloke there, Barry Blake, about the origin and importance of Australian slang. Barry is an emeritus professor of the Linguistics program at La Trobe University and he is the author of the books Secret Language and Playing with Words. Both the accent and the slang vocabulary are distinctive and very important because slang is a marker of identity that is really why it exists.

And in a differentiated society like western society, there’s a lot of need for slang

Best of British slang terms. Buy the book and have a gander!

Name for fire hydrant HART: Poles with a hook that are used for pulling sheetrock and other materials for overhaul. They come in several lengths. Connection for fire depts. A fire alarm activated by water flowing through a sprinkler system. Term used for final stages of fire when firefighters look for any unfound or small amounts of fire to be put out.

A traffic signal device that changes traffic signals green in favor of emergency vehicles equipped with an Opticom flashing white strobe light.

The Slang Dictionary: Etymological, Historical and Andecdotal by John Camden Hotten

I had an ace time at Jeff’s party! I ran into a wall today, and felt like an ace. Said in a very excited moment, when there is just nothing else to say. From poker, where the best hand is five aces.

Australian English is a major variety of the English language spoken throughout of the vocabulary of Australian English is shared with British English, though there are notable differences. The vocabulary of Australia is drawn from many sources, including various dialects of British English as well as Gaelic languages, some Indigenous Australian languages, and Polynesian languages.

PoliceMag In May, we launched “Cop Slang,” a kind of Urban Dictionary of law enforcement lingo that captures the colorful, funny, and off-beat language spoken by cops on the street. We launched it with about 1, terms solicited from active and retired officers and invited Policemag. In the past several months, officers have added dozens of great terms worth highlighting—more than , in fact. Below are 10 of the very best we’ve seen added by readers.

Check them out, and continue adding your favorite cop slang! Need to say goodbye to a not-so-friendly person? It’s a “farewell to someone you don’t especially like. This one is the police version of the civilian “office wife. Did you get a radio call on the other side of town?

Rhyming slang

Any combat hat that does not provide protection. Marine Corps and U. Navy Describes a Sailor or Marine who often frequents the brig military jail , typically as a prisoner. A Soldier with a medical condition that would hinder the Soldier’s ability to perform certain tasks; alternatively, equipment that is not operationally ready.

Army The 3rd Infantry Division crest, a blue square with three diagonal white stripes. Army Army talk for ‘sweep’.

Sep 22,  · The following is a list of colloquial terms and expressions used in the Canadian Forces.. ladies-Sailors serving on Iroquois Class Destroyers (,,, Hull numbers); 5 by 5—Loud and clear, everything is working % (only used by Air force, Army uses Loud and ally from U.S. usage where it referred to signal strength and readability on radio-teletype circuits; Canadian.

Keyser, and may not be used in whole or part without permission. People use it anyway, it’s all over the web – when you see it, think of me. Please report it to me. Aba-daba — Any dessert served in the cookhouse. Advance — Teams of employees traveled ahead of the circus route to put up posters and arrange for advertising, often visiting each town several times four weeks, two weeks and one week before the show.

They often traveled on dedicated “advance cars” or “bill cars,” rail cars carried on freight trains, and had just one day at any stop to carry out their assignments. Both the team and its ad campaign were simply called “the advance. The advance team might hire local youths to distribute heralds door-to-door. Beginning in the s, there was a union for bill crews: When a show played towns with a Billposters’ local, union-member crews were required, and the paper would be rubber-stamped with a small “union bug” union logo indicating that the posters were put up by union members.

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He sleeps at his store to protect his stones, with a pound Doberman named Sir Winston and four security cameras. We drove a few miles out of town to a landscape pockmarked with excavations. He hopped in an earth mover and dug.

This is not intended to be a complete dictionary of Australian slang and terminology but I have put a few Aussie slang words, local names and terms together here and will add to the list from time to time.

A overseas guest was asking about the Australian Slang Aussie slang. As we most all know Australia has it’s own way of the English language. I suppose it has developed over the last years. I used to have a book with all the Aussie Slang words but lent it out to a “mate” and he never threw back the “boomerang” never returned it There are many varieties or the Australian Language and many of the old words such as “you silly drongo” meaning a silly or slow witted person; which slang words like this you do not hear as much now.

The real meaning of drongo is a songbird that eats insects. As we all now that ” mate” is still used and very often all over Australia. Meaning a friend or even a stranger who you meet for the first time.

Online Language Dictionaries

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COMPLETE A to Z Glossary of BONDAGE / BDSM / FETISH / LIFESTYLE TERMS. A. A BIG DATE WITH ROSY PALMS: Slang term for male masturbation. A DATE WITH MRS. PALMER AND HER 5 SLUT DAUGHTERS: Slang term for male masturbation. A NIGHT IN WITH THE GIRLS: Slang term for female masturbation. A SPOT: An erogenous zone located in the anus near the prostate. A-HOLE: Slang .

Sweaty Sock – Jock referring to a Scottish man – insulting Sweeney Todd – Flying Squad The Sweeney was a big TV police series in the s Syrup syrup of fig – wig leading to ‘golden syrup’ meaning a really awful wig ta-ta – au revoir – goodbye. Au revoir is French for goodbye. Note this particular rhyming slang is not substantiated and is included here purely for its interest value in having possible cockney rhyming slang connections or influence.

Ta-ta meaning au revoir and goodbye via rhyming slang is suggested or inferred by some sources to be a possible origin or contributory factor in the development of the ta-ta or tar-tar slang for goodbye. The precise origins of ta-ta and similar variations, such as tatty-bye, are unknown, and the cockney rhyming link is not proven and likely to remain merely a possibility.

Ta-ta meaning goodbye was first recorded in Ta-ta has other possible links with the theatrical expression, normally shown as ta-dah.

Up Your Giggy [offensive?]

So why not give B a boost with these brilliantly bizarre words? Babbitt, who achieves the perfect American middle-class life but soon finds total conformity and social expectation oddly discomforting. Likewise, babblement or babblery is gossiping, prattling conversation, while a babble-merchant is an unstoppably talkative person. BACKSPANG Derived from spang, an old Scots word for a sudden jolt or kick, a backspang is essentially a sting in the tail—a bad turn of events or a sudden detrimental change of mind at the very last minute.

Other B fears include bathophobia the fear of depth , belonephobia needles , batrachophobia reptiles , blennophobia slime and both bacteriophobia the fear of bacteria and bacillophobia microbes. As was …

Oct 30,  · Members of the Australian military (known officially as the Australian Defence Force or ADF) use many unique slang terms. The ADF is made up of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the Australian Army, and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Each have their own distinct traditions but share a defence force culture. Some military slang words, such as digger, have become widely used .

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Being the 2ic, Tech. After fives – Refers to the plain black spit polished dress shoe worn by soldiers either with their pollies or after dinner to give their feet a rest from their boots. Rarely heard these days. A Jay – Army Jerk. A derogatory term often used by civilians, RAAF and Navy personnel in reference to soldiers in townships with large concentrations of soldiers particularly Darwin and Townsville.

SailorSpeak is a glossary of Military Terminology, Jargon, and Slang that has been compiled and edited by Jeff Crowell.

Australia Working Holiday Visa Checklist: As an American, my tips will be especially helpful to U. FYI, OZ is considering upping the visa age limit. July is when many government visa! You have up to a year to enter Australia starting the day your visa is grantedaas of April , which happens for many within hours. Just make sure your life situation will work out to enter Australia within the next days.


It is a 2 hour drive along the beach to our campsite. Along the way we stop at Eli Creek — a shallow, fast-flowing river that is excellent for floating along. We arrive at our campsite and set up our tent. The campsite is fenced with an electrified grid to keep out dingoes.

This is a very large file. Please be patient while it loads. I have intentionally placed all information in one file (rather than breaking it up into several smaller files) to assist viewers in searching for phrases throughout the entire list.

North Vietnamese Army, Pg. Cessna Skymaster, also known as push-me-pull-you. Twin engine, one fore and one aft of cabin section. This is based on the 03 series of MOS. Office of Strategic Services. Also, Officer of the Day. Many do not know the mm is actually mm. A high-speed, fiberglass craft; about 31′ beam of 11′ 7″ and weighing 15, without the crew; manned by a four-man crew and mounting armament sufficient to perform all normal river, canal, and tideway patrol activities.

How to speak Australian : Abbreviate Everything

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