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Big Time Rush

Photos from the individual Big Time Rush episodes are listed along with the Big Time Rush episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Big Time Rush episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Scroll below and you’ll find what you’re looking for. It features the members of Big Time Rush visiting London for their Knight and Katie are off to San Diego, even though Camille asked them why they look so beat up if they just got their picture in Pop Tiger. The boys show their entire flashback from beginning to After much discussion with

Does Kendall Schmidt Have A Girlfriend?

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Kendall Schmidt is the 16 year old appointed leader and top schemer of the band, he is portrayed as the glue that keep them together. Despite Logan being the genius of the group, it is Kendall who manages to stay cool under pressure and figure out the solutions to the problems, often resulting in the other guys going to Kendall when they can’t solve their problems. In the pilot Big Time Audition it was James who was going to the audition, but he pushed his friends into auditioning as well.

When James was turned down by Gustavo, an enraged Kendall sung an insulting song at him called the Giant Turd Song which resulted in Gustavo wanting Kendall as his singer because he believed he had the"fire”. Kendall agreed to go to L. He was supposed to be the bad boy of the band, but refused. He has a sister, Katie Knight, who helps her brother sometimes. Kendall goes after Jo for 2 episodes before he finds out that she was lying about having a boyfriend. Jo and Kendall then start spending a lot of time together.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Kendall thought he and Jo were together so he thought he didn’t have to ask. Kendall and Jo are then confirmed as a couple.

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Next step – Kendall Schmidt Imagine Step 1 we were just two friends having fun Yours and kendalls friendship differed from other peoples relationships. Even though he is famous he still made time for you ,his best friend. Every single Friday you would go over to kendalls place and watch movies till you fell asleep.

De-facto leader of the boys. He is the only one who doesn’t want to let being a celebrity get to his head. He is dating Jo. Alliterative Name: Kendall Knight.; All Girls Want Bad Boys: Standard tradition is that every band has to have a bad boy. Kendall more or less .

But after an unexpected breakup, new things and secrets are brought to light. How will these new revelations change things? And will it end up affecting Kendall and James’ friendship? Until secrets get revealed and the truth will come out. Along with the responsibility on his shoulders, he also learns what it’s like to feel loved from someone new. Mix that in with his ‘other life,’ and Kendall finds himself in one of the most dangerous situations he’s ever been in before.

How will he cope with this new found danger, especially when the fate on the city is on him. Five years later, he’s made it, and when he wins his first major award, he dedicates it to the guy who said"It could be you” Things quickly progress when the two meet. But will they be able to handle the press and reactions from the public? What could possibly go wrong? They’d always lock lips. He gave her his heart, he said don’t drop this.

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Edit Katie is always shown to be a lot smarter than not only her mother, but most adults as well, often outwitting them Bitters and Gustavo are common examples. She likes to gamble and almost got an entire pile of money and a watch while gambling with some Palm Woods employees, but her mom stopped her and returned the money and the watch.

Katie goes to the Palm Woods School, just like the boys after starring in a commercial where all she had to do was beat up a boy who she pummeled in the audition room. She is also very clever and has excellent business senses – which is why some times the boys need her for their major plans. Background Edit She is a good little sister to Kendall and the boys.

The four eventually manage to succeed and the series chronicles the group’s rise to stardom as they move to L.A. (along with Kendall’s mother and little sister) and do their best to keep the band and their new careers alive through the workings of a demanding and, at times, controlling industry while likewise getting into silly shenanigans.

The shot is live-action and follows the band ‘Big Time Rush’, as well as their fictitious lives around this. He has also had minor roles in E. I – Artificial Intelligence. There have been rumours circulating since early that Schmidt has or had been dating co-star Katelyn Tarver, but there has been no confirmation to this, or even any real discussion of this. Gossip magazines and websites merely compiled the hearsay that floats around regarding the teen heartthrob to suggest that they were friendlier than two actors working together.

Rumour has it that they have been seen on several dates in public together, but this can’t be validated. Several other names have been bandied about on webpages, but people should take note that these names are often fans of Kendall Schmidt and not actually actresses, musicians or even real people that Schmidt knows. A simple bit of search engine usage will quickly debunk myths and false claims.

To keep track of any developments, you are best advised to follow social networking such as Twitter, as well as gossip columns, magazines and established celebrity websites. If something is going to become official, or is even being kept secret, then these sources will know. A good aggregative way of doing this is through the use of Google Realtime, which compiles currently discussed comments.

Big Time Rush

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Join year-olds Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos on their quest for pop stardom filled with first-time demos, photo shoots, music videos, concerts, and all the excitement of being in a band with your buds!

Meanwhile, Jo’s publicist wants the press to think that she is dating her co-star Jett, Kendall and Jo must hide their relationship, and doing so requires many different disguises when Kendall just wants to go to the zoo with Jo. Also, Carlos and Katie name themselves Robin and Hoodie, and try to find other ways to get their favorite fruit snacks, fruit smackers after Bitters makes the price insanely high so everyone cannot afford to buy them.

Meanwhile, an awry prank-themed day with Gustavo and Kelly escalates into minor destruction and some violence. Hollywood’s assistant for the day after his eyes got hurt because his own prank backfired on him. At the end, the prank war ended with Kendall and Katie as the champions. So it looks like they will be spending their first Christmas away from home. After making the first song, Griffin told them the other two songs must be celebrity duets.

Knight attempts to pack up presents and clothes so she does not have to pay a luggage fee and Katie attempts to give a Scrooge-esque Mr. Bitters some holiday cheer. Big Time Rush ask for help from Buddha Bob, and he does the Himalayan monkey pinch on Gustavo and he becomes so mellow that he writes a horrible song for the New Town High soundtrack. Kelly and Kendall team up to help Gustavo return to his regular, angry self.

Meanwhile, Logan downloads a Swagger app on his phone, which increases Logan’s swagger and decreases James’, causing James to almost"die” from dangerously low swagger counts. Carlos takes advice from a parrot, and when he is about to go on a date with a girl, the parrot tells him he has 24 hours to live, horrifying him and leaving him to live in the bathroom Panic Room of the apartment.


Meanwhile, Jo’s publicist wants the press to think that she is dating her co-star Jett, Kendall and Jo must hide their relationship, and doing so requires many different disguises when Kendall just wants to go to the zoo with Jo. Also, Carlos and Katie name themselves Robin and Hoodie, and try to find other ways to get their favorite fruit snacks, fruit smackers after Bitters makes the price insanely high so everyone cannot afford to buy them.

Meanwhile, an awry prank-themed day with Gustavo and Kelly escalates into minor destruction and some violence. Hollywood’s assistant for the day after his eyes got hurt because his own prank backfired on him.

Kendall Knight. Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt) is the leader and founder of Big Time Rush (despite being the youngest) when he accepts to move to Los Angeles and record demos only if Gustavo brings James, Carlos, and Logan along to make them all a band. He is portrayed as the glue that keeps the band together. He manages to stay cool under pressure (described as"Cool Rush”) and figure out.

Big Time Movie In late , there was news that a television film based on the television series was going to premiere. However, a promo did not air until February Throughout the whole weekend, the movie drew Big Time Rush ‘s debut album, B. Iyaz on iTunes July These songs were bonus tracks on their album"Elevate”. Occasionally, full versions of the videos are featured. The show incorporates wacky sound effects, some laugh -like noises, music, and editing cuts designed to make it more humorous to the intended demographic of viewers age 10 to 18; [8] this was also typical of creator Scott Fellows’ previous work on Nickelodeon.

However, the show does not have a laugh track. Big Time Rush has released 3 albums, B. R, Elevate and 24Seven. More singles were released in Their final tour was the Big Time Rush: Live World Tour in for the month of February.

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Never would you have dreamed of standing on a new roof almost every day, tucked tightly inside a thick jacket as you gazed down at the gleaming city below you. The bright lights of New York City shined in your eyes as you took in the image, amazed that only thirty minutes ago you were lost in that mass. The sudden reminder of why you were here swept over you briskly as you approached Kendall, your hands running over the skin-tight suit as a sigh left your lips.

Looking up at his suit-clad body, a weak smile crossed your lips as you pecked his uncovered face quickly. Your husband was Spider-Man.

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You enjoyed the sound of nothing at all, it gave you more time to concentrate and focus on your work. Kendall Schmidt was the School bad boy- on the basketball team, partied every weekend and would continuously come to school drunk or hungover, but also your lab partner. A never ending cycle of nothingness- the good girl at school.

He makes his way behind you. He makes his way down and sits across from you. He laughs at you again. He moved his head to the left and then to the right. He lifts up your skirt enough for you straddle him. His fingers gently move there way up and lightly brush against your core and you shiver, your nerves on fire. Kendall undoes his belt and pulls out his erection. He pulls your panties to the side and gently eases into you.

You go to gasp at the intrusion but Kendall pulls you close into his neck and you breathe heavily. You can do nothing but nod. Your breathing is so quick you can barely speak.

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Is jo and kendall really dating With the help of Katie and the boys, a running gag is Griffin saying something assaulting and Obdul tapping his briefcase. Sometimes making schemes of his own when needed, he is always wearing a business suit and carries a black leather briefcase at all times. In the Halloween special, but also likes the boys.

Big Time Rush, (also known as BTR), is an American television series created by Scott Fellows about the Hollywood misadventures of four hockey players from Minnesota—Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan, after they are selected to form a boy series premiered with an hour-long pilot episode, “Big Time Audition”, on Nickelodeon, on November 28,

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