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LauraMarx oh man, do I know what you did to us! The North kept their slaves in bondage until the ‘s. Emancipation must not of transitioned as fast as Lincoln would’ve liked. Despite the history, would you assume that every reenactor who wore a confederate uniform was a bigot racist? This post is mainly to see if people can set aside stereotypes, and accept someone for a hobby they enjoy and telling their families story. Because both sides were racist, I just want to make that clear.

That was just three years after he started reenacting in seventh grade. The first Civil War event he attended was at Malvern Hill, just outside of Richmond, Va., where he grew up.

It is very similar to the British Army Great Coat. Photographs from the Collector’s Guild Inc. DD at Tips for Civil War Reenactors didn’t know the author’s name or how to reach him, so if anyone recognizes this –and they’ll identify themselves to us– we will quite happily link to their page and give credit where credit is due. In the meantime, this is good info that we wanted to to share with other reenactors.

Rolling the Civil War Overcoat For all you Federal Reenactors and you curious Confederates out there, you may be wondering “how the heck did the original US soldiers carry those overcoats? But for me, I wanted to know. A little digging turned up the information that the soldiers carried them rolled, and on top of their knapsacks. But, “how did they roll them?

Well, I too pondered the same perplexity, and answers were not forthcoming. I could find no printed instructions left over from the war. I have since learned that there were a few reenactors out there who chose not to share this info, well, they have been punished. So here are the steps for rolling the overcoat thanks to Matt Wright.

‘We wanted to send a message’: Reenactors stage Civil War battle despite threat

Have you ever felt a desire to somehow travel back in time, or tried to imagine what it would be like to actually be there and experience it all first-hand? If your answer is “yes,” then you already have the most important trait of a good reenactor. Now, you simply need to acquire the proper uniform and equipment, learn the drill, and immerse yourself in living the life of a common soldier.

All of these are attainable for a modest investment of time and money. Civil War living historians offer many reasons for doing what they do; reasons nearly as numerous as the 40, Americans who participate in reenactments.

Nov 11,  · A memoir of Civil War reenacting This week’s post is outside of my normal scope of writing, but as I was going through my hard drive I stumbled across some great photos and some old newsletters dating back to my life as a Civil War re-enactor back in the early s.

Share this article Share Jane is seen lovingly caressing the ‘big brass buttons’ of her husband’s military-style jacket, before telling him: While Andrew likes to dress in a vintage uniform for their sexual antics, Jane prefers pantaloons, a corset and long silk dress. During the clip the unlikely couple explain that they enjoy role playing Civil War characters in the bedroom Doting: Andrew lovingly gives his wife a pedicure The pair accessorize with a beret and bonnet.

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Reviews of Part I and Part II In the first part of The Lady Civil War Reenactor , I gave an introduction about what should be expected at most reenactments for women, why people choose to participate in reenactments, and a list of vocabulary commonly spoken by people in the reenactment community. I also put up a short questionnaire designed to help you build your impression. Keep in mind that research is never going to stop.

The ideal image of a woman in the s was a modest, virginal, angelic type. Much of Victorian society was based on rules of chivalry from the Arthurian period of history.

Reenactors Dating Service. Moderator: Pirkka. Living history, period vendors, Confederate Ball (Saturday Night), church service (Sunday Morning). I would like to introduce you to CometChat – a Facebook style. “A favorite hangout And welcome to my American Civil War Reenacting Test.

She was 64 years old, and in a couple of hours, she would be standing in a field, washing laundry over a fire pit in a copper tub at the th anniversary reenactment of the battle of Gettysburg. The corset would serve as her back brace. Like most of her clothing, she had sewn it herself, from a historically accurate pattern. Two pieces of pink floral fabric connected in front with a row of hooks and eyes over her chemise, and it was my job to lace the pink cording in the back—first the top, which narrowed the shape from ribcage to waist, and then the bottom cord, which broadened from waist to hips.

Reflected in the mirror of our hotel room, we were an anachronistic duo. She was in her underpinnings and I was her futuristic handmaiden, in floral Banana Republic shorts and a pair of hot pink Nikes. Once the corset was sufficiently tightened my dad usually does this job, before reenactments that take place closer to home , she put on her hoop and her skirt, her blouse and her jacket. She twisted her long hair into a bun.

Bangs are not historically accurate. Mom worried that the other women would remark upon them. She finally clipped them back with a couple of regular drugstore barrettes, and then tied her bonnet under her chin. Hence Gettysburg, the bloodiest single battle of the entire Civil War, with 50, casualties. In her role as laundress, my mom would be one of 10, reenactors, and I would be one of 60, gawkers in sunglasses and sneakers.

In eighth grade, our social studies teacher had made us memorize which general fought for which side and this about summed up what the history of the Civil War still was for me:

The National Civil War Association

This style was often seen in CS camps. Stands to reason that some were torn apart for plates just as the style were for bowls don’t you think. Makes a great small plate. Tin lined copper cups.

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House of Representatives in Ohio is a military reenactor. More specifically still, an S-freaking-S reenactor, from a unit that has been implicated in serious war crimes. Iott is a long-time reenactor, but the fact that he spent a few years play-acting a Nazi is, understandably, a political bombshell. Iott may be considering. To use an educational hobby which provides a teaching tool for all Americans in some twisted political game is not only omitting the true facts, but a blatant lie by conversion of the truth.

They doth protest too much. But I know that he witnessed the liberation of some of the concentration camps they discovered at the end of the war. Rich Iott is not a Nazi. But the objective evidence is that, as a practical matter, he is an imbecile, ein schwachkopf, and that he and his Wiking kameraden are willfully ignoring the very ugly history of the unit they model themselves after.

Recruiting posters, printed in the local language, sought volunteers to join the fight against Bolshevism, which — inevitably — the Nazis intentionally conflated with Judaism. Just last year, a former member of the Wiking Division was charged with atrocities:

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Review the schedule of events where every weekend at Put in Bay is a new reason to have fun! Special events at Put in Bay start in April and run thru late October on the island. Event dates may change!

st Infantry Regiment 26th Infantry Division I&R Platoon, World War Two Living History Reenactors. The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword is dedicated to the presentation and practice of medieval history and Historical European Martial Arts.

Living History The Editor’s Comments: It happens every year, and it seems to be happening with greater frequency. The most disturbing fact is that it is happening with less and less respect for historical accuracy and period-correctness. It seems to have become a “point to be made” issue instead of a true attempt to portray accurate history. This is not my “opinion”, these are concerns voiced by commanders, event organizers, soldiers and officers, spectators and civilians.

I speak with hundreds of people at dozens of events each year, and this is a hot topic on and off the battlefield. They are thinking of making the move to the “other side”, or they’ve already “crossed over” and believe they’re doing a sufficient job. Some women meticulously study the topic and carry out the persona with great care and detail. Most, however, are blatantly inaccurate in their portrayal of a male soldier and become the topic of conversation in the camps, on the sidelines of battle and under civilian flys.

Unit commanders often admit to being frustrated and angry at having women in their ranks but, because 21st centry political correctness, keep quiet to keep the peace. Spectators, many of whom are historically knowledgeable, openly express distaste for the numerous women in the ranks that make no real attempt to disguise themselves.


Relying on the registration lists of bigger events, some long-term veterans of the hobby say their numbers held steady until about The quick decline has caused many reenactors to reevaluate how the hobby is run, and by whom, in an effort to preserve it. It’s a Saturday in late April and a few hundred Civil War reenactors are gathered at Neshaminy State Park, a acre campground northeast of Philadelphia that substitutes for Northern Virginia.

There, in November and December of , the Army of the Potomac tried unsuccessfully to squash the rebels before winter.

American Civil War reenactment is an effort to recreate the appearance of a particular battle or other event associated with the American Civil War by hobbyists known (in the United States) as Civil War reenactors, or living historians.

My first dress was a lovely solid blue polyester that looked sorta like cotton. I put black soutache trim on it and felt “perty. So here you go – a summary of how to choose Civil War fabric! It looks daunting, and can be terribly discouraging. Hopefully, this will help solve your problems, and make starting out a tad bit easier. First, let me start with a quick glossary of terms, put into my own, particular vernacular.

The fiber is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile. But anyway, cotton was awesome!

GWA German Units

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The Civil War by Anne Sexton. I am torn in two but I will conquer myself. Reenactors Dating Service Nitrogen fossils dating. Dating site for sextons in civil war Civil War Dating Sites You can focus your search to immigration records dating from that era. Know Your Neighborhood 3. In my defense I may or may not be drunk right now, enhibriated. At least that is what lured two out of the three away. Singles interested in civil war reenacting This page was last modified on 20 Julyat If you are derailing discussions or promoting non-socialist positions, your comments may be removed, and you may receive a warning or a ban.

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