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Older women dating younger men is a relatively new trend that has only flourished during the last two decades. There is no shame in getting attracted to cougar women. A survey conducted by the New York Times showed that seven out of 25 women almost 30 percent who were getting married were exchanging vows with younger men. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, 26 percent of British brides were older than their grooms. In countries like South Korea and Turkey, more and more women are marrying younger men. No relationship is perfect, regardless if you are dating women younger than you, your age, or older than you. If you have been in relationships with younger women and women your age and did not have a lot of good experiences, you will find that dating cougar women has its ups and downs as well. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being in a relationship with cougar women:

Top 5 Disadvantages of Dating An Older Man

We have all seen it in the movies. It is clear to say that dating older women has become quite popular today. Many men admit an attraction to a more mature suitor. A lot of woman find dating someone younger to be a huge confidence boost and quite complimentary. There are many reasons why men choose to date older women.

The older the man, the more likely he is to be weighed down with baggage. If your guy has several previous marriages under his belt, and perhaps even a gaggle of kids to which to tend, your casual romance may be anything but.

For instance, an older man is less likely to tolerate changes to his life. Because older men can be set in their ways, you should think twice before dating one unless you are willing to do most of the adapting. Older men have had more lovers Older men have had more wives, girlfriends or lovers than younger guys. This can make them quite wise when it comes to relationships. It can also leave them with a lot more emotional baggage than younger men.

Hence an older man may have a bitter and biased point of view when it comes to women. Older men often have children Depending on the age gap between you and him, his children might even be grown up. If the older man you are dating his grown up kids, it can make things feel very awkward. Issues with adult step-children are a very common problem with age gap relationships.

Are you ready to settle down with a man who comes complete with a family?

Dating Older Men Pros and Cons List

Christian Married I have a few friends here where I live who are men whose ages range from their late thirties to just under 50 who have never married. They are all believers. One of them worked with some kind of ministry organization before and now has a really good job in IT. Another owns his own business and lives in a really expensive apartment building. Another one has worked low paying jobs for much of his life, isn’t much of a decision maker, but since his mother passed, he earned a pretty sizeable inheritance apparently tied up in trusts probably.

And another has a good job.

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The physique generally plays an important role by activating the feel good hormones about your partner, when you have a look at them. If you’re wondering what we are talking about here, then read on to know about the disadvantages of dating a man with a moustache. Yeah, no doubt men look manly and really great when they flaunt their beard and moustache, as it makes them feel more confident and manly than having a boyish look.

Flaunting a beard and moustache is a proud affair for most men, wherein there are times when a woman gets annoyed and irritated at times with her man having a shabby look. But, over the time, the notion of flaunting a beard or moustache has dispelled with a lot of men going for the clean-shaven look or a stubble. This is a great relief for most of the women out there. If you’re again wondering why, then read on to know more about the disadvantages a woman faces when she dates a man with a moustache.

When he has a moustache, you tend to feel an itching sensation every time you kiss him. This is all so different when he is all clean shaven and makes you really want to keep going. The thick, bushy facial hair can give you a lot of trouble every time he tries to kiss you too. Makes The Guy Look Older Studies reveal that men who sport a moustache tend to look older to those who are clean shaven.

Advantages and disadvantages of dating a younger man?

By Sasha Garwood August 05 She gets to meet all your kickass comrades and you get to meet her crowd of hot twentysomethings and everyone hangs out and cackles. Which is another good point: If your younger partner is dating you, that means they find you sexy, wrinkles and all!

Dating or marrying an older man can have many merits, but there are still several potential disadvantages. For instance, an older man is less likely to tolerate changes to his life.

They have seen a lot in life and thus can make interesting conversations. But, there are some disadvantages of dating older men. Some of them are listed here. Incompatibility If you are going to date an older man, you must be well prepared for the difference in interests and hobbies that will exist between the two of you. While you may enjoy skydiving and surfing, the old man certainly would want to stay away from such sports.

There will also be difference of opinion when it comes to eating habits, music and books because of the age difference between you both. Different lifestyles The old man you are dating probably already has a family and a well-established routine as part of his daily life. While you may want to tour around the world and explore new horizons, the old man may want to sit at home and enjoy cozy dinner every day. Another thing to consider is that if the old man already has a family, then you will need to adapt to them as well.

Growing older Everybody has to grow older, but an old man is going to grow older and feebler. His health risks may increase and so will his susceptibility to diseases.

Weak Men Are Superweapons

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DATING an older man can have its perks — upward social mobility, wise advice, maturity, resources and a host of other things, but despite the glitz and glamour, there can be a few disadvantages.

Without being opinionated, here are some dating older men pros and cons. List of Pros of Dating Older Men 1. Experience in Life An older man will be more experienced in life. That includes relationships, career, financial matters and sociopolitical as well as cultural aspects. An older man is expectedly wiser and will have sound advice to offer. An older man can teach a woman a thing or two about many aspects of life.

It is not to establish that younger men cannot have the same attributes but older men are more likely to possess useful experience. Financially Better Off It is unrealistic to expect that older men will be super successful or rich. But they will be better off financially than younger men. Any sane man would earn and save money over the years so the longer one has saved or earned, the more would be the savings. Emotional Maturity An older man would have dealt with many trials and tribulations of life.

19 Free Online Dating Sites For Teenagers

There were a finite number of females in the ‘dating pool. It’s true that certain men prefer the company of women many years their junior. As Tony Soprano would say, ‘fuggetaboutit. You’ll never make it with them because you don’t have what they’re looking for. Be pragmatic and don’t beat a dead horse. You can converse intelligently on a wide variety of subjects.

Dating or marrying an older man can have many merits, but there are still several potential disadvantages. For instance, an older man is less likely to tolerate changes to his life. For instance, an older man is less likely to tolerate changes to his life.

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