Communal Square (Piazza del Comune)

Communal Square (Piazza del Comune)

She has a Scandi-chic vibe, but with her hair pulled into a short ponytail, her elfin features and piercing eyes are striking with minimal make-up on. Fortitude was brave because when we did press for it we were told not to mention the words horror or monsters, which was always what it was about and what happens when a monster is within society. I thought it was groundbreaking. Did the cast bond on set? The cast was incredible. We made up daft songs a lot, there was a lot of silly song-making. There was one about a reindeer foetus. The arctic climate gives you a real level of purity.

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History[ edit ] Its site probably corresponds to that of a 4th-century Roman fortress known as Duacum. From the 10th century the town was a romance fiefdom of the counts of Flanders. The town became a flourishing textile market centre during the Middle Ages , historically known as Douay or Doway in English. In , the county of Flanders passed into the domains of the Dukes of Burgundy and thence in into Habsburg possessions.

During successive sieges from to , Douai was almost completely destroyed by the British Army.

La cladistique initiée par Willi Hennig hiérarchise les caractères comparés. Ne sont en fait regroupés dans un même taxon que les êtres vivants qui partagent des caractères homologues: lorsqu’une ressemblance entre deux taxons peut être attribuée à une ascendance commune, on parle d’homologie. Les membres antérieurs de tous les tétrapodes, qu’ils soient bras ou ailes, sont.

History[ edit ] Its site probably corresponds to that of a 4th-century Roman fortress known as Duacum. From the 10th century the town was a romance fiefdom of the counts of Flanders. The town became a flourishing textile market centre during the Middle Ages , historically known as Douay or Doway in English. In , the county of Flanders passed into the domains of the Dukes of Burgundy and thence in into Habsburg possessions.

During successive sieges from to , Douai was almost completely destroyed by the British Army. By , the town was fully integrated into France. Douai became the seat of the Parliament of Flanders.

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The Marseille troops were singing it as they entered Paris on 30 July , and the Parisians dubbed it the Marseillaise. In , it was the anthem of the Paris Commune, and many later anarchists took inspiration from the Commune. However, it has not been continuously used since the Revolution; both Empires, the Restoration and the Second Republic passed over it in favour of other songs, with links above.

Not until the Third Republic was the Marseillaise restored to its rank of national anthem on all occasions at which military bands were called upon to play an official air. After the fall of the Third Republic and the occupation of northern France by Germany, the Marseillaise remained the official anthem of both the Vichy government the Nazi puppet state set up in unoccupied southern France and the Free France forces, who were against the Vichy government and sought its removal.

The Marseillaise was made the official national anthem by the constitutions of the Fourth and Fifth Republics Article 2 of the Constitution of 4 October Since however, the anthem has once again been performed according to the scores and tempo in use until While there are seven verses of the song, only the first and sometimes the sixth and seventh are sung, along with the chorus. The lyrics, speaking of bloody battles and a call for citizens to take up arms, have been debated endlessly whether to alter the words to suit the more peaceful times that France currently enjoys, but the original words, capturing the spirit of the French revolution, remain.

The anthem has become one of the most recognized in the world.

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Joined Apr 22, Posted 19 Reviews My second time at the Commune Social and once again I left truly impressed by a great dining experience. The unimposing entrance does not do justice to the restaurant behind. A narrow long maze leads you through the restaurant to the back where seated around the ‘hot kitchen’ one has a unique dining experience seeing a well oiled kitchen team prepare the main dishes for the restaurant.

It also allows for interesting interactions between guests and the kitchen team and enticed us to order more than we would have seeing the wonderful creations being prepared first hand, makes you more hungry is what we experienced! There is also an outdoor dining area that must be ideal in the spring and autumn months but you go here for the food and concept.

Exhibited along with other trasures in the Uffizi Gallery and moved to the Palazzo della Crocetta, the present day seat of the museum, in (the building was erected in by Giulio Parigi).

Repression Pushing thoughts out of the conscious awareness. When asked about how I feel about my wife leaving me, I respond “Who, Kathy, I have not really thought about her. I would act like my wife never left me for Screech. I would sit down and wait for her to come home. Displacement Redirecting the feelings I cannot deal with to another person or object.

Usually redirecting them to a less threatening target. I take my feelings of anger for Kathy out on my students by failing all of them Projection Believing that the feelings one has toward someone else are actually help by the other person and directed at oneself. In other words, taking the feelings that your ego cannot handle and think that people feel that way toward you. I tell everyone that Kathy is still in love with me.

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Gaston Crémieux, né Louis, Gaston, Isaac Crémieux, le 22 juin [Note 1] à Nîmes et mort le 30 novembre à Marseille, est un avocat, journaliste et écrivain est fusillé en raison de sa participation à la Commune de Marseille lors de la répression versaillaise.. Jeune militant radical, il s’illustre dans la défense des pauvres gens et fonde plusieurs associations.

The “Chimera of Arezzo” Etruscan bronze – c. In it was transferred to the Archaelogical Museum. Exhibited along with other trasures in the Uffizi Gallery and moved to the Palazzo della Crocetta, the present day seat of the museum, in the building was erected in by Giulio Parigi. The main core of the collection focuses on etruscan civilisation thet interested in particular Cosimo the Eldest of the Medici family.

But it was the Gran Duke Cosimo I who to put together the currently existing collection in 16th century, though these were later increased by his successors and in particular by Cardinal Leopoldo. Downtime the collection was enriched with famous works like the Chimera of Arezzo, the Minerva of Arezzo and the Orator. The bronze Chimera of Arezzo is one of the best known examples of the art of the Etruscans. The collection was then continued by the Lorraine family that added the extraordinary collection of Egyptian pieces beside adding new pieces to the Etruscan section,which was organised by series and studied by the scholars of the Lorraine court.


A houseboat in Christiania, Copenhagen. Scenic waterways flank both sides of the acre strip of land read: Just blocks away is Noma, the famed two-Michelin-star restaurant that draws affluent gastronomes from all over the world.

Douai (French: ; Dutch: Dowaai; historically “Doway” in English) is a commune in the Nord département in northern is a sub-prefecture of the department. Located on the river Scarpe some 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Lille and 25 km (16 mi) from Arras, Douai is home to one of the region’s most impressive population of the metropolitan area, including Lens, was , in.

The commune consists of the following villages: Beliu is a commune in Arad County. Birkisch is a commune in Arad County. Situated in the contact zone of the Mures Couloir with the Lipovei Hills and it stretches over a surface of ha. Administratively it consists of the following villages: Hodos-Bodrog Monastery commonly known as Bodrog Monastery , dating from , is one of the oldest monastic institutions in the Romanian Orthodox Church. The monastery is accessible from the village of Bodrogu Nou and is 17km from the city of Arad.

The monastery is active and has many monks living and working there. Brazii is a commune in Arad County. Its component villages are: Buteni is a commune in Arad County.

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Gironde is a famous city in France offering visitors great sights, from sand dunes and classical coastal resorts to the exotic wine regions of the Saint-Emilion and Medoc vineyards. The department of Gironde falls into four distinct regions. But it is quite intimidating that Bourdeaux is also the name of the famous wine that is produced in the Bordeaux region, regardless of the variety of grapes used to make it.

Although Bordeaux wine can be white, red or rose, the best variety is considered… Interesting Facts About Bourg Gironde Bourg is located in the Gironde Aquitaine region in the south west of France, a few kilometers away from the capital Bordeaux. The world famous wines from the Medoc and Saint-Emilion Vineyards… Upcoming Events In Bourg Gironde In And Early Bourg Gironde is a fascinating area in western France, in the fabulously scenic Dordogne-region, that features several events and festivals which take place throughout the year.

These events are much awaited by residents and visitors alike.

Czyste Powietrze to kompleksowy program, którego celem jest zmniejszenie lub uniknięcie emisji pyłów i innych zanieczyszczeń wprowadzanych do atmosfery przez domy jednorodzinne.

When the news reached Paris the next day, shocked and angry crowds came out into the streets. Though the Emperor and the French Army had been defeated at Sedan, the war continued. The German army marched swiftly toward Paris. Demographics[ edit ] In France was deeply divided between the large rural, Catholic and conservative population of the French countryside and the more republican and radical cities of Paris, Marseille, Lyon and a few others.

In the first round of the parliamentary elections held under the French Empire, 4, , had voted for the Bonapartist candidates supporting Napoleon III, while 3, , had voted for the republican opposition. In Paris, however, the republican candidates dominated, winning , votes against 77, for the Bonapartists. Only about 40, were employed in factories and large enterprises; most were employed in small industries in textiles, furniture and construction.

There were also , servants and 45, concierges. In addition to the native French population, there were about , immigrant workers and political refugees, the largest number being from Italy and Poland. The working class and immigrants suffered the most from the lack of industrial activity due to the war and the siege; they formed the bedrock of the Commune’s popular support.

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The South side dates back to the the end of , when the Palazzo dei Priori was finished. In the middle dominates the piazza an impressive circular fountain; the Central Post-Office Building dating back to , is the most recent block. It is not yet clear if the buildings rising here during ancient times belonged to the Roman Forum of Asisium or to the terraced Sanctuary like the one dedicated to Fortuna Primigenia in Palestrina, as well as several tabernae; at the far ends were probably two monumental fountains, perhaps dedicated to Castor and Pollux.

After the Roman municipality crisis, this area was destroyed in the 6th century by the siege of Totila and again in the 8th by Charlemagne. The piazza was deserted and filled with debris which over time raised the ground level by over 3 metres. Only with the Commune Era the piazza changed back to be the heart of the city and since , when the Commune was moved here, the piazza was named, platea comunis:

How might we bet on whether this is a scam or not? I assume either way they do some things that look like efforts to put out a product, and either way, there’s a high chance the company implodes before the product is functional/profitable.

But that was the bad old days of fiat money. Now there are dozens of love-based cryptocurrencies — LoveCoin, CupidCoin, Erosium, Nubilo — with market caps in the mid nine-figures. The year-old genius behind CupidCoin just bought the state of Tennessee. Luna, which bills itself as blockchain-optimized dating. They caught my attention by hiring Aella, previously featured on this blog for her adventures taking LSD megadoses weekly for a year.

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But everywhere this solution is tried, it runs up against its one great weakness — rich people with mild preferences can outbid poor people with strong ones. And even a well-off person might hesitate to send out a hundred messages a day, every day.

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A group of young Methodists are putting their faith in ‘co-housing’ From re: While some North American congregations spend vast sums on expanding physical plants, their next generation is asking, “Is this all there is? They don’t want to compartmentalize their faith–even if it’s a large, well-furnished compartment with an indoor swimming pool and a food court.

Vie culturelle Exposition du club photo Phot’aulé Le patrimoine religieux est le thème de l’expo des photos d’hiver de l’association Phot’aulé.

What is the Shroud of Turin? What do you know about the Shroud? What is your experience with the Shroud? The Shroud of Turin is a large rectangular woven cloth, approximately 14 ft by 3. It appears to show the front and rear images of a naked man and is alleged by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. It is owned by the Catholic Church and stored in the cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy, hence its name.

It is rarely on display to the public. While some Christians vouch for its authenticity, many do not. Even the Vatican won’t say it’s authentic, which is in itself instructive. The provenance or history of past ownership of the Shroud of Turin can only be traced back to the 14th century, around CE [1]. It turned up in the possession of a soldier of fortune who could not or would not say how he acquired the most holy relic in all of Christendom.

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