Siri is supposed to do everything a personal assistant would — schedule dates, set reminders, find directions, send messages or make calls. Many people find it amusing to ask Siri hilarious or provocative questions. See our collection of funny Siri questions below. Here are some funny questions that teach us important things about Siri. Why did Apple make you? For one reason only: What does Siri mean? What are you wearing? But I do like digesting information. Are you a man or a woman?

What do guys think about provocative girls?

I believe in equality for everyone and anyone, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, and gender. So I suppose naturally that makes me a feminist. Yet if I imagine myself in that situation, I don’t even think it would occur to me to say that half of the people being released should be men. I think I would just be glad that some were being released at all.

“The book Meet to Marry – A Dating Revelation for the Marriage Minded reads like a part guide/part self-help book. Written by the self-proclaimed dating for marriage evangelist Bari Lyman, Meet to Marry is a truthful journey to self-discovery that forces individuals in single town to .

This page is here to assist gents who choose to bring me a gift. There is no particular order here…just random musings on things I like. I put this page up because I am often asked about the things I like. I like Wolford for their stockings and Cosabella for their cami sets…. Victoria Secrets is always fun too! I love shoes and love to model them for you!

I have beautiful feet, so a nice shoe just makes them even sexier! Showing your respect in your manners and behaviors, as well as following all proper etiquette, will allow us to enjoy more adventures in the future.

Sapiens: a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, review: ‘urgent questions’

Share this article Share But two years ago, when one friend sat Wendy down and told her she should start acting her age, she listened. Until this turnaround, Wendy had spent 20 years dating men much younger than her, whom she met through friends or dating websites. But an infatuation with toyboys certainly wasn’t something Wendy always aspired to. She was twice married to men her own age – once at 21 for two years, and then again four years later.

When the second marriage ended after 14 years, Wendy found herself single at 42, with a daughter from each marriage and a sense that she had given her 20s and 30s to men who didn’t appreciate her.

Questions about Marriage What does the Bible say about marriage? What is the definition of marriage? What does the Bible say about interracial marriage?

Comment 0 Now is the time for a gallant peace gesture from Washington or for Seoul to quit the war games — twice-yearly events, dating back to , in which US and South Korean military forces deploy thousands of troops to simulate various scenarios for conflict with the North. To North Korea the games simulate invasion. War games with a specific offensive objective violate the UN Charter, that is, international law.

The US stops its perennial war games; North Korea stops testing missiles and nuclear weapons. In China this is a moderate position between those sympathetic to North Korea and those who want Beijing to take a hard line as Washington insists. Former US defense secretary William Perry, who once advocated pre-emptive strikes, agrees with a mutual freeze. And Washington has to forswear its regime-change tactics, another violation of the UN Charter.

Why does Washington insist on continuing the war games? Is it about strategy, military budgets, promoting weapon sales, face?

That S A Great Question Provocative Questions Practical Results

Have you witnessed to a non-Christian lately? The Bible is clear that we should be a witness to others and that we are commissioned to spread the good Word. My friend said that he hoped that his being a good example by living the Christian life would be testimony enough to his lost friends. Genuine Christians should feel a sincere burden for non-Christians. Personally it grieves me deeply to envision unsaved friends, acquaintances, and even people that I do not know spending eternity in Hell.

Most often I believe that people are reluctant to speak about it because they are afraid of being rebuffed or looking ridiculous.

A pop star and model with some edge, Samantha Fox posed topless at age 16 for a newspaper in her native London. She sold boatloads of records, but the boys of my generation knew her mainly from.

I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through, however, it’s most unfortunately what many, if not most men do from time to time. Interestingly, when i spoke to 3 of my closest male colleagues, regarding online ogling or downloading of scantily clad females, they all admitted to me that most men actually do it in secret, when their female partner is totally unaware. I did appreciate their honesty, however, i did find it somehow unnerving to think about. If you wish to save your relationship, you need to express to your partner, that his behaviour makes you feel very unhappy and you now feel as though you can’t trust him and you’re not sure if you ever will be able to trust him.

If you’ve given up and don’t care to go on, then you need to tell him this too and tell him why. If he truly loves and respects you, he’ll apologise with sincerity and change his ways, but if he isn’t prepared to do this for you, then you know exactly where you stand and what little you mean to him. He’d have to regain your trust fully, if things were to last between you both.

Do remember though, bad habits are hard to break and even harder if a man feels as though he’s being pushed or pressured to do so. I am about to say something here and this doesn’t mean that i condone your partner’s behaviour nor accept it, however, it’s just as it is. Men will always be men. Even when a man is committed or married, there are times when he will notice another beautiful, attractive female and in some instances, he’ll even be attracted to another female, even though he doesn’t plan to do anything with that female.

What are Some Provocative Questions I can ask my Gf?

Too serious, too fast! So did my cousin! What do you do, and how long have you been doing it? Where are you originally from?

Home Relocating FAQ. Planning to move to the Virgin Islands can be a challenging decision. You may have been offered a job, vacationed in the islands and loved it or perhaps just decided you need a change of scenery and the islands should be your home for a few months or years.

The Complete List What we talk about when we talk about sex and rock ‘n roll is often dudes, the lusty front men and axe-grinders who, perhaps, joined the band in the first place for the purpose of scoring. But sexy women now dominate pop music, and the same mojo that’s stuffed Mick Jagger’s dressing room for time immemorial draws would-be groupies to female icons in the same way. It just shows that being sexy is about more than looks. Nothing’s hotter than a woman who can rock a mic, and we mean nothing; these musicians may have once been on our walls, but they live on in our fantasies.

Samantha Fox A pop star and model with some edge, Samantha Fox posed topless at age 16 for a newspaper in her native London. She sold boatloads of records, but the boys of my generation knew her mainly from her risque posters for sale at the back of hair metal magazines. Though these adverts were tiny, and a thin black line blocked out the good parts, I’m certain any of us would have married her. She is the epitome of androgynous beauty.

With her severe features, radiant skin, and lanky 5’10” physique, Jones rocks Reagan-era fashion hard, making shoulder pads and leotards look hot. And she wasn’t afraid to take them off, either — in , she exposed her breasts at Disney World and was banned forever from the park. Yep, Grace Jones is officially too adult for the Magic Kingdom. Courtney Love We get it — she hasn’t aged well.

Do you view provocative clothing as an invitation?

But this two-parter documented a fascinating experiment. Dr Javid Abdelmoneim took over a Year 3 class at Lanesend Primary School on the Isle of Wight to see if gender-neutral treatment could change how seven-year-olds think. These children, fittingly enough, were born in — the year the Equality Act became law. BBC Abdelmoneim began his project by running psychological tests on his cherubic-cheeked guinea pigs.

“I don’t want this to be exclusive ” was the last thing I wanted to hear. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, cool, and a sexual dynamo.

Organizations are embarking on a battle not just for success but for survival. The Rise of Insight-Driven Business. This might sound a little dramatic. However, consider the following statistics pulled from a Capgemini and EMC study that surveyed over senior decision makers in nine regions: This is especially true given that non-traditional providers, like startups thriving on big data processing, are moving into their industries.

Here are 8 questions you can use for a simple and effective data analysis! However, the truth is that no matter how advanced your IT infrastructure is, your data will not provide you with a ready-made solution unless you ask it a specific question.

Tips for Asking the Right Questions on a First Date

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